10/20/10 - All in a Month's Work

All in a Month's Work

Suddenly what started out as early October has become late October! Ten days left in yard and the pace is picking up. Generally everything looks untenable and chaotic until that final moment when it all just comes together. Every year this happens, thank goodness.

Roseway's rig is almost back together -- brand new and ready for some strong St. Croix winds. The re-caulking and re-planking are done thanks to the mastery of David Short and North Atlantic Shipbuilding (pictured here). The mainsail is underway, at least it will be when customs decides to release our tanbark sailcloth that has arrived from England. And inside the ship, everything is still upside-down... but not for long.

All in day's work, as they say. Or in our case, a month's.