10/19/14 - Reflections from Cumberland Island

Reflections from Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island

By Erica Sullivan

Our last port of call was Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. On Tuesday and Wednesday while our friends back at Proctor were in classes, we spent the days exploring this beautiful island. My favorite part was getting to spend time both afternoons playing on the beach and body surfing in the waves.

On Tuesday afternoon after we had spent time playing in the waves and enjoying the beach, it was time to return to the ship. During our walk back a thunderstorm rolled in and it started to pour. Rather than trying to hide under our backpacks, we all embraced the rain. Even though we (and all of our stuff) got soaking wet, we all had a fun trek back to the boat because everyone made the most of it.

On Wednesday after we took a group picture in a large oak tree, we all donned our bathing suits and headed for the 17.5-mile stretch of white sand beach. As I took my sunglasses off and put my hair back in preparation for a competitive game of capture the flag, I glanced down at my watch and it read 1435 (2:35 for all you land lubbers). Then it hit me…THIS IS SCHOOL. Hundreds of miles North of here, my friends are sitting in classrooms. Here I am chasing fiddler crabs around a marsh trying to pick them up and measure their claws, or I am playing a game of capture the flag and body surfing waves in the 80 degree ocean and it is school!

We all really enjoyed getting to spend a few days with Dave Pilla and we were sad to see him leave us. But as we hang out our soaked clothes to dry and pass around pictures taken over the last two days, we get ready for our next adventure in Charleston, South Carolina.