10/18/12 - A Welcome and A Salute

A Welcome and A Salute

We talk about students a lot. We talk about the crew regularly. We talk about our adventures at sea a few times a year. But we never talk about World Ocean School's inner workings--the hidden weapons that ensure our whole organization "floats." Meet our Board of Directors and the newest member of our team, Steve Briggs. Not only does he bring a wealth of expertise and energy to our table, but he's also a local Boston boy who knows his way around our homeport. We are thrilled to have him join the crew.

Steve now adds to what is already a power-house team, spending countless hours and dollars supporting our mission and our everyday trials and successes. Some of our Board members have been with us since the early days, working tirelessly on our behalf and buoying us quietly as we stumble, stretch, and grow. Others are new to the group, eager to jump in with both feet and throw a spark in our midst. Whether new or seasoned, they come together to provide guidance, governance, inspiration, funding, and friendship. They support our staff, our ship, and our mission. And most importantly, they are proud to be part of World Ocean School, sharing their commitment to our program with others and inviting the world to get onboard.

So in this Ships Log, we are not only welcoming a bold new member of the team, but we're also saluting our entire Board of Directors and thanking them profusely for all they do to make World Ocean School happen.