10/13/14 - Dolphins at the Bow!

Dolphins at the Bow!

By Maggie Royal

A little before the sunset on Friday I was looking out for boats with my bow watch partner and we spotted some dolphins. We went to the rail and watched them swim towards us. Then they turned and started swimming alongside the bow of our boat. They were close enough to our boat that I could have touched them if I had a stick. They were just at the surface and I could see every detail of their speckled bodies through the clear water. They were the North Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and they were riding our bow wake. They do this because the boat pushes them and they can travel large distances with less effort. It was awesome for us to see dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water up close. There were about seven of them total on both sides of the bow. They stayed with us for half an hour and it was an amazing sight to see.