10/12/11 - All Hauled Our and Nowhere to Go

All Hauled Our and Nowhere to Go

Roseway slid gingerly out of the water yesterday at the Gloucester Marine Railway. Must be strange to feel that salt air on your belly after being in the water for the last eleven months. She's in good shape and is going to have a quick turn-around this year. Today Capt. Dwight and crew are setting about to accomplish a laundry list of maintenance tasks before she slides back into the water on the 25th.

Most exciting this year is the return of veteran shipwright, Tony. He worked with us on the restoration of Roseway back in 2002 and is coming in to do deck seems--a thankless and specialized task (to be done right). We're also bringing in one of our former Captains, Simon, to do some electronics work. Always great to have Simon back on board even if it's not at the helm. It's a regular reunion week at the yard.

If you find yourself in Gloucester, stop by and say hell0 (and we always love treats)!

Look for us back at the dock in Boston end of the month where we'll be gearing up for the trip south, set to commence November 5.