Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 11

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 11

Christiansted, St. Croix

Kara H.

January 19, 2021

With an earlier than usual wakeup at 0745, we mustered for another round of delicious baked goods like coconut drop and amazing pineapple and coconut filled tarts :) We then walked through downtown Christiansted to the fort by the water. With Roseway close by, we practiced yoga with Shera, who we saw instructing a class at the Sugar Apple. We started off with some breathing and touching our toes and eventually graduated onto bridge pose and even did partner stretches like lizard on a rock. The crew attempted a 4-way boat pose and without fail pulled off the balancing act. We then ended our time by meditating before we headed back to the Holger Danske for a lesson on the second part of winds and currents out by the pool. We learned more about gyres and tradewinds and how they affect the water beneath the surface. Then it was time to have our second round of Covid tests since we've been in quarantine and were finally reunited (6 feet apart) with the rest of the Roseway gang. After Captain Cassie declared we were all negative, we stayed in the same park, where we did yoga this morning, and played games like Bang!, Mafia, and Spud. We then had to say a goodbye and see ya soon to the crew as they headed back to the boat. Then we headed over to the dive shop on the boardwalk where we completed our last bits of paperwork. (One step closer to diving!) Grabbing some Shupe's forms on the way back, we had some R and R before enjoying a yummy dinner and continuing the nightly routine of all coming together and watching Pirates of the Caribbean. We're all so excited to be one step closer to being back on and part of Roseway.

Heading out on more adventures,

Kara Hort