Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 50

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 50

Charleston, South Carolina


Wednesday, October 28, 2020 

We made it to sunny Charleston, South Carolina after our most amount of days underway consecutively of the whole voyage so far. We left Cape Charles, Virginia after getting mail on Sunday and dropped anchor at 0400 this morning here in the harbor. Once our provisions are ready we’ll head to the dock to pick them up within the next few days. Once we are all ready to go we are going to make our way to the Caribbean at last! We woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning and a few of us laid out on the headrig to furl the jib to make sure it looks nice for out time at the dock. After breakfast we had the morning off to catch up on homework and sleep for those who were on watch until 0400 last night. For lunch we had fish sandwiches thanks to Mr. Terry’s catches of king mackerel yesterday. We had a few classes on deck this afternoon and we’re all so happy to be wearing shorts and t shirts after being bundled up in the northern part of our voyage.

The last few days have been nice to be underway and know what needs to be done on watch. I really enjoy being on forward lookout or helm while we can only see ocean all around us. While passing through the gulf stream the water was so blue and surprisingly warm so we all took bucket showers while we had the chance. We saw so many dolphins throughout the day, often times right up next to the boat. We’re now ready to begin our long stretch underway to Puerto Rico soon, and the best part has just begun.