Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 35

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 35

Mystic, CT


Tuesday, October 13, 2020 

This morning, the rain hit the deck hard. After about a week of sunshine, the rain is overdue. We started off the morning by splitting into two groups for a tour around Mystic Seaport. My group started off with a walking tour of the “town” that has been recreated to represent the old Mystic vibe and the essential stores needed to keep a seaport operational. We were also allowed inside a house built in 1790 and renovated in 1830. The house was quaint, and everything inside had a purpose. There were also real dried fish and spices hanging from the walls. There were chamber pots in the bedrooms and an array of cast iron pots and skillets for cooking over a fire. Next we were allowed on the Charles W. Morgan, a whaling boat who had 37 voyages, but since retired and lives full time in Mystic. Roseway looks quite small compared to the whaling boat. Inside, the low ceilings posed as a challenge for anyone over 5’5”. These low ceilings allowed heat to remain in the room where the whales would be processed and aid in the boiling of blubber. The foc's’le, where the deckhands slept on the Charles W Morgan, was very compact and seemed like a snug fit for 20 grown men to sleep. I am very thankful that we have a bit more space in our sleeping compartments. Next, we went to the planetarium within the seaport museum and were given a demonstration on celestial navigation and calculating LAN (local apparent noon) and DR’s (dead reckonings). Finally, we entered a building which held over 500 historic boats. These ranged from kayaks, small sail boats, and large motorboats. There was even a model of one of the first water bikes! Each boat had a tag with basic information about it, but our guide clued us in on some of the more amazing stories. We all learned a lot today but also ready to continue down the coast to warmer weather!

We celebrated birthdays of two of our beloved crew today—Happy birthday, Susanna! Happy early birthday, Char!