Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 33

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 33

Mystic, CT


Sunday, October 11, 2020 

A sleepy fall day docked here at Mystic Seaport. This morning we got a lovely delivery of croissants, cinnamon rolls, and scones from a Proctor Alumni and former Ocean Classroom student. Students and most if the crew had the day off so a good amount of time was spent napping, working on homework, working out, or laying in the sun and embracing the day. This evening we took a 15 minute walk to Jason’s house who runs the education programs aboard Amistad, a former cargo ship that carried slaves, for a social distancing educational lesson. The boat is docked right next to us at the seaport. He gave us a fascinating presentation on the story of the Amistad which revolved around a successful revolt off the coast of Cuba, and the landmark supreme court case that followed it. I am never one for history but I found the story to be impactful and I think the whole group would agree. Jason and his family were so sweet and set out pillows and blankets in his backyard for us to sit on and they also picked up some pumpkin donuts and apple cider from their favorite local farm for us to try. Walking back, we passed beautiful New England houses, many of which had pumpkins on their front porches and Halloween decorations scattered about their lawns. It was the epitome of a warm fall day. Getting back to the boat tonight we arranged a student and crew wide game of verbal assassin that will start tomorrow at 12:00pm tomorrow. We were given a slip of paper with a person’s name and a phrase that we must get them to say. When they say it, they are assassinated and out of the game. I’m pretty nervous as I have a word I’ve never even heard before and had to look it up in the dictionary. It seems like a big ocean tradition and can apparently take weeks to narrow down the winner. Night watches are spooky here as there is many suspicions of ghosts aboard the Amistad. I start mine in 10 minutes at 22:00 so goodbye and good riddance! Shout out to my family and happy 21st to my older sister Erica! Love you all, love Daisy more though.

*photos to come soon!