Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 32

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 32

Mystic, CT


Friday, October 9, 2020 

Today we had the first deckhand turnover- I’ll explain briefly what this means. The twenty students aboard Roseway are divided into three watches. Each watch has a mate and two deckhands assigned to them. Every third of the voyage the deckhands and mates rotate between watches, so everyone gets to know each other very well. So far, I’ve been working with the first mate Ms. Miller-Shelley, deckhand Tierney, and med-officer Cafferty. I’m not sure how I feel about the turnover because I really get along with my current watch officers. Everybody says same about their watches though, so I am not worried at all. Anyway, this morning we departed to Mystic, which is a big maritime town. There are high standards in a harbor with so many tall ships so we went all out in today’s deckwash. We brushed, washed, and scrubbed every square inch of the boat, including the hull! We furled the sails in a weird and different way called a “fish furl” which looks really nice. After leaving Roseway in top shape we had a very short underway session. It was done mainly by crew because the river that leads to Mystic is shallow. The place is absolutely beautiful! It’s full of tall ships, small boats, rowboats, and any conceivable type of vessel. We docked right next to an exact replica of Amistad, a boat we are going to study in our Marine History class, and another boat called the Charles W. Morgan, which is a gigantic whaler ship. It has three masts, 15 feet of draft, and 113 of length. The town is full is historic information about boats and has a very old feeling. We’ve been told that we are going to stay here for a little and do lots of fun activities. Also, we are getting snacks!

*photos to come soon!