Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 29

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 29

Groton, CT


Tuesday, October 7, 2020 

We’ve had a packed couple of days here on Roseway! We have anchored in Connecticut, after a short time sailing. Last night my watch had the 0800-0000 watch, I think that’s the best one because you get to sleep for a solid seven hours after. We’re on our way to Mystic, Connecticut but we’re waiting out weather before we can leave here. I think many of us have started to feel a lot more comfortable here though we’re still trying to get into the rhythm of things. Its been tough to get into any rhythm at all because we haven’t had the opportunity to sail for more than 30ish hours, so once that happens it’ll be easier to adjust. Right now, we’re getting ready for dinner! It’s a “sin” to ask Sean what he’s making so you never really know, but its always delicious! I know all of us feel so full all of the time, but just having snacks has been making it easy to eat all the time. Rationing out our personal snacks has been SO HARD. Having them is hard, because you just want to eat it all the time. Anyways we’re all so excited to get underway again. Hi family, I miss you all so much- check the mailbox and Breb, hello! I love you guys!

*More photos will come soon, but enjoy this clip of the Navigation Almanac in the meantime!