Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 24

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 24

Rockland, ME


Thursday, October 1, 2020 

Hello outside world! Camille here reporting from anchorage in Rockland, Maine on Roseway. Rabbit Rabbit! Our educator, Tiffany explained to the crew that in order to have a lucky month, the first words out of your mouth should be those words. She was the only person on board who remembered this sacred ritual so tonight, the words “tibbar tibbar” (rabbit spelled backwards) will be muttered around the fish and the foc’sle all throughout the night as everyone drifts off to sleep. The crew woke up to blue skies and a moderate breeze of 18 knots. New month, finally new weather! This beats the 45 knot gusts from yesterday's storm. I can’t believe it is only our second week on Roseway. It is crazy how comfortable I feel here already! I was expecting it to be much harder to adjust to the wild rhythm of the boat and our ever-changing schedules. We had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, bacon, and fruit. Our cook Sean is a food wizard. I ate way too much oatmeal which was calling my name after some cleaning the head cardio. After breakfast I got to mail a letter to my family and pulled out my crazy creek for marine biology with Holly at 0900. We have been learning about the mammalian dive reflex which we got to test out yesterday! We hauled up three bins of icy cold salt water and dunked our faces in them for 15 second, holding our breath. We were measuring our BPM’s and compared them today to marine mammals. After Holly’s class we had navigation with Tiffany which was super helpful and productive, also on deck with our papers flapping in the wind and sun piercing our eyes. We went over the process/steps of tacking and gybing, and refreshed our memories on the different jobs of each halyard, sheet, downhauls, and more. Today was laundry day for me and most of the students, because today was the first sunny and dry day in quite a while. Miss Miller-Shelley brought the small boat back to the mainland to pick up the rest of our provisions, (most importantly our first personal snack order- mine is chocolate pretzels!) Then Miss Miller-Shelley also brought back a load of doughnuts which was an amazing surprise! Another notable event from this afternoon was Katie’s homework flying out of her hand and going overboard… and then the pain of watching it float away and sink. She must redo it. 

After a relaxed afternoon, our gym sharks took over midships doing squats, burpees, and pullups on the fish’s beam, all while I was sound asleep too! A while later I was woken up as we were raising our sails to get underway, on our 18 hours voyage from Rockland to Casco Bay, in Portland, Maine. We began sailing as the sun began to set, and we left the harbor waving to some strangers chilling at the lighthouse we were cruising by. I do not think I will ever get over how beautiful the sunsets are on Roseway. As the sun slipped down the horizon behind a stretch of mountains Roseway’s glorious red sails were illuminated by a bath if golden sunlight, with our glorious and newly cleaned underwear and socks flapping around in the breeze! My watch, C watch, with Cam, Robie, Jasper, Dylan, Robin, and Jake, had a four hour watch last night from 2000-0000, (8am-12pm). We were all pretty tired from the day but were nevertheless excited to be sailing. I began the night in charge of navigation, as the navigator and felt extremely sea sick due to the moderate swell, and being below deck hunched over a chart at the navigation table. Cam was on the helm steering, also feeling sick. After an hour, I was relieved of my duties and went to my job as stand by, still feeling immensely sick. Luckily, our engineer Nick was awake in the salon and game me some ginger to chew on. I sat on deck and stared at the horizon which was illuminated by a beautiful, full, harvest moon, which Leona told me had rays similar to the sun shooting out if you squint. I felt much better after a bit and continued through watch. The wind picked up a bit, as did the waves, and we had our first person puke! The victim was Rachel, who consented to being exposed in this, and threw up midships directly in front of me. She was congratulated. Forward lookout with Jasper was entertaining as always, and we sun Taylor Swift songs at the bow trying to keep each other awake. Dylan ate it by backing up into the emergency exit hatch above the foc’sle. Just another night on Roseway. I know I have written a but of a novel and am impressed if you made it this far, but I just love it here and am so incredibly happy. There is rarely a moment on board when you cannot hear laughter and the energy of this ship and crew is purely intoxicating. I hope that all of my friends on campus are doing well and surviving without Jake runs! I miss and love you all so much. Same to friends from home to parents, dog Ollie and cat Stella, I hope you are all staying happy, healthy, and safe! Please mail me pictures of the dog and cat! Peace out!

*more photos to come soon!