Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 12

Ocean Classroom 2020: Day 12

Gloucester Harbor, Gloucester, MA


Saturday, September 19th, 2020

After two nights anchored in Gloucester we finally began sailing, just for a moment though. We still want to be wary of weather, so after a few hours of practice we came back to the harbor to wait it out. Sail maneuvering is incredibly exhausting and complicated. I don’t think a single student fully understands how tacking the ship works. All I know is that I am told to pull on a line, and I better pull hard and fast. Our hands are going to be full of calluses by the end of this voyage. After coming back to the harbor we had the most anticipated time of the week. Our first swim call aboard and most importantly, the first shower in three days. Even though it was saltwater we all felt to much cleaner after. Even with the absolutely freezing temperatures it was a great time. Lets not forget that today we also had our first class aboard the Roseway. We went over charting basics and there was a lot of reviewing from Eagle Pond. We did get fancy pencils to use on our own personal charts- the same pencil I wrote in the ships log. We also got homework, a huge fifteen question assignment. We finished the day with some free time on deck with a beautiful sunset and musical instruments resonating across the ship.

P.S. Shout out to Nordic Team, really excited to join in the winter!