11/05/13 - It's Cold, and Wet, and Fun!

It's Cold, and Wet, and Fun!

Watch A: Abigail, Katibeth, Sara, Kinsey, Hannah, Shelby, Jessica

We expected the ride and weather to be a lot different. It was a lot rougher then anticipated. We expected more people to be sea sick. However, hand signals and steering the boat were a lot of fun. The food was delicious. Learning about how the boat works and navigating the water was also a lot of fun. Boat checks are cool. We enjoyed learning about the bilges and going around checking them. The bowsprit was amazing! Our experience out there was daunting, scary, super, liberating, and freeing. We also had many misconceptions; for example, we learned a lot more than expected. The conditions were unexpected. On this trip we truly became sailors. If we had the choice to come back again we would!