11/03/12 - Last Sail with Ashley Hall School

Last Sail with Ashley Hall School

Watch A Report (Bee, Elizabeth, Savannah, Clayton):

Being on the Roseway made us calmer and less stressed because we were able to take time to be on the water. One of the best parts for all of us was climbing out on the bow sprit. While we were out there we felt like we were sitting on open water. Although our journey was short we really felt like we got a taste of the life of a sailor.

Watch B (Gwyn, Emily, Zoe, Fiquet, Linsey, Bailey):

We enjoyed the beautiful view that only a sailboat could give us. We loved getting the true experience of being in the Roseway crew--the anchor watches were always a fun surprise! Everyone's favorite thing was going on the bowsprit and it was made truly exciting when the dolphins decided to join us. Everyone agrees that the food was amazing and filled everyone up! We learned so much about the schooner including how to tie knots and boat checks. We recommend this trip for anyone who's up for an adventure!

Watch C (Scout, Isabel, Lydia, Parker, Madeline):

On the schooner Roseway our experience consisted of rope tying, bilge checking, sail raising, and many other learning opportunities. We were more than just a watch group--we became a team. Raising the sails together took teamwork and cooperation. When we had to wake up in the middle of the night we realized that the Roseway's crew must be truly dedicated to both the ship and their crew-mates. We really enjoyed our time on the Roseway and we want to thank the crew for all of their kindness.