11/02/12 - Ashley Hall's Final Group Sets Sail

Ashley Hall's Final Group Sets Sail

Watch A Report (Elizabeth, Bee, Savannah, Clayton, Mrs. Haviland):

Roseway is like a roller coaster--you're nervous to get on board but once you're on you don't want to get off. It is neat to be on one of the oldest ocean schooners. We hauled the lines which lifted the sail. We were surprised to find that in order for the ship to float it must take in water and keep it.

Watch B Report (Madeline, Parker, Isabel, Scout, and Lydia):

We learned that there is a lot of storage on the boat because if you are gone for a long time you need to have enough materials and things with you. We learned that the way to get to the engine room is the kitchen. The cook is cooking even while storms are going on and the boat is rocking. Everyone is working no matter what the weather is like. We learned that you can only drop the jumbo and not the mainsail because it is 2,000 pounds.

Watch C (Gwyn, Zoe, Bailey, emily, Linsey, Fiquet):

Gwyn liked the galley and she liked putting up the sail. Zoe learned not to fall overboard. Bailey enjoyed being with all of us. Emily loved seeing the anchor and learning about the workings of the boat. Linsey liked putting up the sails. Fiquet enjoyed putting up the sails and seeing the fish-hold.