11/12/09 - St. Croix Sunrise on a New Season

St. Croix Sunrise on a New Season

At 6am this morning from Roseway's deck, Gallows Bay was sitting still underneath puffy clouds lit by a warm lazy sunrise and crowned with a rainbow. It's not every morning you wake up to such a dramatic picture but this is life in St. Croix these days.

We arrived here on Friday and have been nose to the grindstone ever since. We're knee deep in crew training, cleaning out the boat from transit, general maintenance, and of course, teaching. 25 students greeted us excitedly on Monday morning for our first week of programming here. It's hot as an over down here and the weather has been less than cooperative, sending us driving rain and lightning right before we want to sail each day and then breaking out into windless clear skies. We're eagerly awaiting the Christmas winds which come in December and howl through the winter, sometimes into February. In the meantime we're all acclimatizing and getting our feet wet!