11/12/12 - Setting Sails in Savannah

Setting Sails in Savannah

Rodney Bohner

After a successful first week in Savannah we reflect on the programs and look forward to some other highlights for Roseway’s time in this great city. A full week of educational programs started off on Monday. We also toured the river and took in some great sunsets with sail passengers.

Education sessions began with five days of programing with students from the Savannah Country Day School. Students joined the crew in climbing the rig, taking an extensive behind the scenes look at life and operations aboard the vessel, and brushing up on knots while studying the simple machines that the crew use every day. The tug-of-war competition with a little block and tackle advantage to one side gave the scholars a real appreciation for the benefits of understanding simple machines. The tour of ship compartments included a discussion about navigation and the challenges Captain Tom and the crew face navigating the strong Savannah River current and busy commercial traffic. Every student and even a daring teacher were encouraged to take the climb up the rigging and experience the riverfront and the deck from a completely new point a view.

Roseway crew is excited to work with the other schools planning visits in the coming weeks. This week started off a series of days working with The Mercer Middle School. This week’s programs highlight the science and math used every day in sailing.

Roseway has also welcomed visitors from the area and outside who are interested in maritime history or just want a fun way to experience the Savannah riverfront. The weekend afternoon sails saw a host of happy guest crew members. Visitors were side by side with crew hoisting sails. There was even a cannon firing to salute the setting sun and another great day here in Savannah.