11/01/12 - More Ashley Hall Girls Sail Charleston

More Ashley Hall Girls Sail Charleston

A watch: Ella, Ginny, Carter, Elyssa, Ainslie, Darby, Mr. Bowden

Today we did a lot and enjoyed a lot today, one being meeting the crew. We also enjoyed bow watch because we loved learning the signs such as the sign for the lobster and for the ferry. We learned about the red and green buoys and what they meant. We also liked getting the chance to sail the boat in general. B watch (Sarah squared, Sara, Olivia, Sonny June, Abby) report: Today, B watch had a fun day including harnessing up and going on the bowsprit. We went around the boat doing boat checks including checking the bilges and doing bow watch. We then enjoyed a delicious snack of cookies or fruit. Next we learned boat signals to help notify the captain. We learned about how to tie several lines consisting of the figure eight knot, the square knot, the clove knot and the bowline knot. Watch B is really looking forward to all the new things that is waiting for us tomorrow. C watch (Kate, Grayson, Erin, Virginia, Ashlyn, and Miss Sill) report: Miss Sill's favorite part of the day was beating the rest of the group in tug of war using a "three part pulley" (magnified amount of force by six times). Erin's favorite part was going on the bow sprit, coiling ropes and raising the sails. Grayson's favorite part was watching the sunset. Ashlyn's favorite part was sitting on the bowsprit. Virginia's favorite part was raising the jumbo and sitting on the bowsprit. We suspect dinner is beef or pizza. No one will tell us ("they don't know").