11/01/13 - Ashley Hall Students Set Sail

Ashley Hall Students Set Sail

Watch B: Bailey, Chasity, Ella, Anna, Terryn, Emani, Allison, Mrs. Groves

At 0800 we boarded the Roseway for the first time. We were introduced to Captain Dwight and the crew. We split into our watch groups. First we did a “duffle shuffle” and organized our bunks. Then we took a tour of the ship. We learned the importance of safety, trust, encouragement, teamwork, communication, and honesty. Finally, we left the dock! Next, we raised the mainsail, foresail, and the jumbo. In order to raise the sails we had to work as a team. We headed out past the jetties in Charleston Harbor to the ocean! Although some girls were seasick, everyone aboard Roseway had a fantastic time. The most exciting was climbing out on the bowsprit. Each watch group rotated through different duties. Each girl stood on bow watch, completed a boat check, learned history of the ship, tied knots, and learned about nautical terminology. Everyone enjoyed Chef Della’s cooking for lunch and dinner! At the end of the day we took the time to write and reflect on our experience in our journals. Currently, we are anchored in the harbor and later will each stand anchor watch. Overall, we all had a great time disconnecting from technology and experiencing the beauty of the ocean! We are looking forward to sailing again tomorrow!