11/01/09 - Ah Bermuda!

Ah Bermuda!

Seems like no matter how many times you drop anchor in St. George Bermuda, it just never gets old! Roseway sailed through the cut and into the harbor at about noon on Thursday and dropped the hook in what has come to feel like a home away from home. It was a good trip from Boston, some big seas and wind made for a quick trip.

With a few days to spare in Bermuda, the usual cleaning and light maintenance took place along with ample play time for the crew. Oh and some much needed bathing (mostly in the harbor as freshwater conservation on board was still strictly enforced. Many crew members did find showers ashore and came back looking remarkably civilized, others managed to get spiffed up on board (as pictured here: Emily suds up on deck before a plunge and Jack gets in a good shave).

We said sad goodbyes to Captain Simon and one of our guest passengers Michael, both of whom had reasons to stay in Bermuda. And by mid-morning today, the hook came up, the sails got raised, and we headed back out of the cut into the big blue--light winds, big seas, and a nice full moon guiding the way. By the end of the week we'll be on to our next and final (for this trip) island.