Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 29

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 29

Christiansted, St. Croix

Ang A.

February 6, 2021

Helloooo from Christiansted. Here at our lovely mooring we started our Saturday morning off with a Marine Science midterm.  YAYA *Insert fat eyeroll* Wasn't my favorite way to start the day but we got it done. After getting a snack and finishing the test I had a dance party with one of the crew members, Mahalia, AKA my homie. We listened to our favorite songs with the boat speaker and had so much fun. While Mahalia was doing maintenance work we were jamming out and I also helped her out with dishes! She also taught me how to rust bust which is pretty much just getting rid of rust from the davits that hold our small boat and then paint it to protect it. After chilling out and doing some work we made our way to our favorite beach. DOG BLESS! We took the small boat to shore, which Morgan, another dope crew member, taught me how to whip around and then started our walk to the beach. Once we got to the beach we jumped right into the water and swam around for a while. Then we relaxed on the beach and pretty much all of us took a nice long nap on the beach. Then we had to leave Dog Bless because the beaches close early because of COVID. We headed over to the fort and chilled out on the grass under the clouds and watched boats drive by. We chatted and relaxed some more! Once we got back to the boat we had a college themed dinner with cereal, ramen, and chips. Which was so FUN! Then after having some down time to play ukulele and guitar we started a movie on deck to top off the night. Another awesome day aboard Roseway! Ang out.

Forepeak closed,

P.S. Morgan's senior superlative in high school was class best dancer.

Angelina Arcidi