05/09/12 - Savannah to Charleston: The Voyage

Savannah to Charleston: The Voyage

Roseway dropped lines in Savannah Harbor yesterday at noon, joined by an eager group of volunteer crew members. David and Eric had come all the way from Oregon; The Poe Brothers, Dave and Tom from Virginia and Minnesota respectively; Bruce from New York; Sam from Florida; and Chris had come the shortest distance from right there in Savannah. After their gear was stowed and they had been given the grand tour of the vessel, it was time to get underway. After almost three weeks in Savannah the crew was ready to see a new port (though we all had a great time there).

As we headed out the Savannah River through the Georgia flat-lands amid working industry and cargo ships, we were glad to be moving with the river which can dish out a 3-4 knot current so it's best to have it with you. When we finally reached the open Atlantic we set our sails to take advantage of the light wind. By 11:00pm our engine came on to ease the flogging sails and keep us in motion as the wind disappeared into the night. Both A Watch and B Watch kept us on course and by morning we had flat calm seas which eventually gave way to a new light breeze, allowing us to shut down the engine and enjoy a sunny sailing day. Several times we were joined by an energetic and happy pod of Dolphins playing in our bow wake.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, sunny skies gave way to darkening clouds and we were in for a big change. The temperature dropped, the wind shifted, and the skies built up with squall lines and clouds of all shapes and sizes. For a few hours we were pelted by rain and cold wind while we tacked back out to sea to avoid entering Charleston in a squall.

Now as the skies have cleared and sunset approaches, we are dropping our sails and readying the ship for port. We will be docked at the Charleston Maritime Center through the weekend, setting sail for Norfolk next week.

While it was a short trip, it was certainly a taste of everything for our guest crew. Tonight everyone is guaranteed to sleep well!