05/26/09 - Arrival in Jacksonsville, Florida

Arrival in Jacksonsville, Florida

I guess we could say we have officially left the Caribbean water that was our home for past seven months. Seems we have arrived in our first port on our transit home: Jacksonville, Florida. Granted its not the most romantic place to stop but we have good reason for being here. But, we've gotten ahead of ourselves. How about our travels for the past 9 days? Beautiful wind, dolphins at the bow escorting us along, leatherback turtles all around us in the Florida waters, what more to say? Granted we had some rain here and there but what's not to like about a freshwater shower now and again? No fish actually caught, but a lot that got away. We never give up!

As for why Jacksonville? We're here for Sail Jacksonville, a big tall ships' festival taking place May 29-31. Then we're off for Bermuda before finally arriving in Boston mid-June.

Standby for upcoming exciting tales from Roseway's decks and the deep blue.