05/23/14 - Weathering the weather and loving it

Weathering the weather and loving it

At the start we were anxious, but then it mostly went away. People were scared because there was a lot to take in and the boat was rocking. We started with a tour of the boat, and got our bunks situated. We learned how to and then completed the task of raising the sails. Then we learned how to tie knots, like the figure eight and square knots. After that we learned about the history of the Roseway (that it was built in 1925). Raising the sails was easy at first but then it became more difficult the higher the sail went. It was a lot of fun but you can feel the ship sway back and forth a lot. Dinner was delicious, but there were chores to be completed before and after the meal. Dishes had to be washed, the kitchen cleaned, and the area where we ate scrubbed. We are excited to get out of the harbor tomorrow.