05/21/14 - Freedom Found at Sea

Freedom Found at Sea

It is currently noon on a clear day, as it has been all night and morning, after B watch has finished cleaning up after a meal of curry, watermelon, and sesame chicken sandwiches. Over the course of the day, B watch has already sailed further out into the ocean, passing out of the bay before returning on the same course. We've sailed out further than the Boston light, as we were passing we analyzed aspects of direction and mapping as a group, triangulating our location on a chart. Additionally, our group went out on the bowsprit, some thoughts on that from group members: "it was terrifying but exciting."- Jared. "It was awesome."-Derek. "It was a sense of false freedom in a claustrophobic small world."- Eleanor. We found a school of fish! During out time on bow watch, we took the job of signaling the captain for every lobster trap, boat and newspaper that came our way. Meanwhile, one at a time, we would steer the vessel at the helm while chatting with the captain. Prior to that, we learned about simple tools and mechanical advantage, and in a four-to-one tug of war, the team of one, Derek, was able to win against the group, giving us a clear demonstration of mechanical advantage. As a final thought, "As the crew returns to port, mixed feelings arise, think on that as we conclude our final day on Roseway.