05/21/13 - Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School Sails Boston

Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School Sails Boston

By Josh Dunbrack, Adam Finke, Paige Cummins, Kristen Pinsky

We left school at around 3:30, after the end of the school day. We travelled by bus to Boston Harbor. We saw the group who had sailed before us and waved and said “hi” to the people. We dropped our bags on the dock and then broke into three groups, got field journals, and tested the water for physical and chemical properties, including clearness, living organisms (such as sea stars), and acidity. When we came back to the ship, our bags had disappeared. We then realized that the crew had nicely put our bags in our sleeping areas. We circled up with the crew of the Roseway and had the crew go around and introduce themselves. We did ten “I am a star!”s, and three extra for good luck (and bad math). We had a discussion about expectations, respect, listening, trust, and communication. It was finally time to get on the boat. We walked up the gangway to enter the ship. We got a tour of the many parts of the boat, and the crew pointed out the flashlights and fire extinguishers everywhere. We made a human knot using the people of our group, and we moved on to real knots with short pieces of rope. The crew set the anchor while we discussed how the anchor worked. Jumbo went to prepare the food while the rest of us learned about Roseway’s history. Rain sprinkled over the ship, and Adam Finke insisted that we should have made offerings to Poseidon, lord of the seas. People were then called to eat food, and people came back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths. Brett even put a fork in his hat. The chicken and beef tacos were delicious. After dinner, we got brownies that were scrumptious. We came back into our groups and were assigned chores. We had to write the ship’s log, which we obviously did.