05/20/12 - It's Getting Cold Out Here

It's Getting Cold Out Here

Roseway left Charleston on a sunny spring day about five days ago with a crew excited to set sail again after a few days of filling up on the southern delights of South Carolina. We welcomed aboard our new Mate, Nick, as well as two volunteer crew members Bill and Bob coming along to see what life aboard Roseway is all about. Cape Hatteras provided no struggle and in fact dished up no wind at all. But as the south began to retreat behind us, the wind and the weather set in, making us fight for our next destination. After a solid day of 30+ kts of wind and squalls, we made our way in to the inner harbor of Norfolk where we nestled in for a long cozy sleep. By Saturday morning it was up and at 'em with the sun shining warm and clear--cleaning up, doing laundry, getting supplies, fixing the boat's bumps and bruises, and getting under way.

We said goodbye to Bill and Bob and welcomed Fred who had come all the way from California to join us on our voyage north. By early afternoon we were underway again setting out into the Chesapeake and headed for New York. As the sun set on the day, the chill set in and we became keenly aware that, before long, we would be closing in on that Mason - Dixon line. We're trading in our flip flops and shorts for fleece and warm hats.

If all goes as planned, we'll be sailing down the Delaware Bay tomorrow and considering a hop out into the Atlantic at Cape May, setting us on our course for Manhattan by Monday.