05/20/13 - Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School Sets Sail Again

Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School Sets Sail Again

By Hudson B., Lacey E., and Alex W.

We woke up to a bright sunny morning. Little did we know that the sky would soon turn against us. After a short while at school we boarded the bus and set way to Fan Pier in Boston. Getting there we realized how cold it actually was (especially the people wearing shorts and a tank top) and the teachers were not exaggerating. We were greeted by Katie who took us down to the docks. We then circled up and were split into groups. Once we were in groups we played small get to know each other games. We all boarded the boat one by one and were given a tour. We were taken to the fish hold which could hold tons of fish but is now turned into bunks. We then got the names of the ship parts burned into our brains by the crew. The boat ride today was absolutely freezing and full of learning to tie various knots. None of us could wait for dinner which was very delicious. The steamy shepherd’s pie warmed our chilled bones and we were pleasantly surprised with cake afterwards. We were then instructed with our chores and here we are now writing you this wonderful, lovely, creative ship log. And now is our poem about Roseway:

Oh Roseway, oh Roseway

You stayed near the bay

Until the day came

And there is no blame

They took your lovely passengers

Off to sea.