05/17/14 - Sailing Out Into the Rain

Sailing Out Into the Rain

We left school at around 2:30 pm and headed to Boston where we tested the water with chemicals to find the PH levels, turbidity, nitrate, and phosphorous content at Fan Pier. We also walked around the city with life jackets on, which was embarrassing but funny. We got on Roseway with a little anxiety about what we were getting ourselves into for the night, but that anxiety quickly faded once we raised the mainsail, foresail, jumbo and the job. We also learned about nautical terminology, line coiling and the history of Roseway from the crew. For dinner we had shepherds pie, salad, and apple crisp for desert. It was delicious. After dinner we did evening chores and then as a group, read a poem called Sea Fever by John Masefield. We related this work to the theme of transcendentalism that we have learned in school. We are looking forward to sleeping, anchor watch, eating breakfast and then setting sail tomorrow morning.