05/16/13 - Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School - Group II

Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School - Group II

By Gaby O, Isabel F, Jack F, and Jake B

Today was a very riveting time, but there is more to come. In the morning, we took water samples of the tranquil ocean near the dock. We then climbed aboard our trusty stallion, the Roseway. Then we sailed underneath the roaring airplanes taking off from the Logan Airport, and we got to experience eating crispy fish sticks, the savory tater tots, fresh salad, and some desserts like Blondies and corn bread under the orange sunset. We are working on daily chores and currently, us (the four sail group), are writing this very ship log you are reading this very moment. We anxiously await our turn to do the nightly anchor watch. We broke down into groups of four to five people and the groups were named after the each of the ship’s sails. The names of those magnificent sails from front to back are the jib sail, the jumbo (sadly the smallest sail), the fore sail (That’s us!), and the main sail. Each group was taken on a tour and was assigned to their very own jobs. We are excited about tomorrow. We get to put up the sails, climb the rig (very dangerous), and learn all about the life of a sailor. Tomorrow awaits us so the "fore sails" are signing off.