05/11/09 - Gettin' Dirty

Gettin' Dirty

Seven days until Roseway departs St. Croix for the season, not to return again until end of November. It's been a busy season with lots of kids, and that means not a lot of time for maintenance. Roseway being 85 years old and all, well she needs to be worked on constantly to keep her preserved and operational.

So seven days before we head into the big blue sea to sail north, it's time to get real dirty! Dani, our new Canadian volunteer, slushed the masts today while Gillian, one of our long time Canadian volunteers, varnished the same area multiple times thanks to Captain stepping on her newly completed companionway step...argh! James and Andrew mucked about in the main salon bildge all day getting dirtier and dirtier and presumably making progress on something.

Everyone scurried around today as the St. Croix summer sun beat down on deck. But in the end, this is our home so a little TLC now and again never hurts. And oh joy! It's only Monday so six more days of more good dirty stuff to come before cleaning up and setting sail!