03/09/14 - Kimball Union Academy and Gifft Hill School Team Up

Kimball Union Academy and Gifft Hill School Team Up

A Watch- Elena, Maeven, John, Katie, Sam

Today, our first day on the Roseway we learned many things. The new tastes, smells, and textures. We experienced a new way of living one that none of us have experienced before. We felt like this day was the start of a whole new chapter of an adventure novel. We cannot wait to get under sail and see first hand the beauties of the Roseway. Our day started for some of us when we woke up at four in the morning in the ice cold weather borded a air craft where we sped away to the Caribbean. After arriving we met up with the kids from the Gifft Hill School. Their day opened a different way. After working a school auction all night they woke up quite late at almost noon for some the headed to the ferry dock later and said their good byes to family and borded the ferry to St. Thomas. The two groups met up and in a massive pack headed down the board walk to dock E where the two dinghys took us in small packs to the Roseway when we approached the vessel the sight was magnificent. Walking abord her decks was equally as amazing. Learning her intense history and seeing her secret compartments was amazing. When the heavenly food touched my mouth I felt almost alight. Goodnight.