03/07/14 - Wrapping Up A Great Week

Wrapping Up A Great Week

This Friday was bittersweet for the Roseway crew as they said goodbye to 5th grade students from Free Will Baptist and 4th-6th graders from St. Croix Christian Academy. Bitter because they will miss the students who worked so hard all week on everything from navigation, buoyancy, poetry of the sea, climbing the rig, speed tests, throwing heaving lines, simple machines, going out to the bow and so much more! Sweet because they know that all students are ending their week on a proud and meaningful note as this morning they reflected on their accomplishments from the week. Students will leave remembering the important values of teamwork, communication, trust, self-worth and reflection and will bring these into their own communities. We couldn't be more proud of all of the students and wish them the best of luck! These students know that once they become part of Roseway's crew, they will always be part of Roseway's crew!