03/04/11 - Letter to the Crew

Letter to the Crew

It was another great week aboard the Roseway, and already a message from one of our students:

Dear Roseway Crew,

Thank you for that WONDERFUL experience this week. I learned a lot this week like: how to calculate density and speed, how to express myself in poetry while at sea, how to read a compass, and many other things. It was really fun on the Roseway. It was a little hard to pull up the four sails, the main, especially, but I loved every part of the challenge. I would like to go to the two week summer program eventually, but I’m afraid I will miss my family too much. Thank you for the fun and exciting time on the Roseway. I would like to thank all of the crew for being nice to me throughout the whole week like: Steph, Thomas, Katie, Paul, Matt, Emily, Captain, Jesse, and Eden.

This would be a great experience for any child; students should take this opportunity to change their lives.

-Danielle Petersen

Here is a little excerpt from the poem Danielle wrote for us:

The Roseway

One day I climbed upon a boat called the Roseway,

It was so wonderful I’d have to say

But at a blink of an eye, I’m afraid, I was shy

to meet the other sailors.

Every day we would do with the crew a warm up called “I’m a STAR”

I learned that I could go very far.