03/30/13 - Watch B Reports In

Watch B Reports In

There is currently hardly any wind, only about 3 knots. We are sailing on the Gulf Coast/Stream with calm waters, a glassy dark blue with little waves. The moon shining high and bright, and the stars are out. It will be a fantastic night to do our star log! We are enjoying some marvelous home made peanut butter cookies; they are soft and gooey and nutty, heavenly. It is not too cold out tonight so we all have just a few layers on. With the calm seas there is no need for foul weather gear to protect us from the wrath of the North Atlantic Waters.

We have made out way to Florida and the weather has instantly heated up. The winds are still close to non-existent and the motor continues to move us toward our destination. A tiny, fluffy yellow and black bird just perched on our lifelines. We are admiring its petite body structure and it's fluffy feathers. We appreciate this little common yellowthroat as it flys to its destination and needs rest just as we are doing. Today we engaged in bucket showers. The chilly yet refreshing water grazed our skin and rid us of some of our grime and grit. Many of us sat in the sun to dry and allowed our skin to drink in the ever rich sunlight, lightly bronzing our delicate skin. As our day comes to a close a pod of pilot whales surfaced to join us. There must have been at least a half a dozen and everyone was on deck full of smiles, what a fantastic way to wrap up our watch!