03/29/13 - Watch A Reports In

Watch A Reports In

A Watch: Jess, Michaela, Lizzie, Suzie, Eva, and Emma

Day 9 and A team is still on their A game! Emma made her first joke in English, Michaela busted out the unicorn hat, and Liz is still hoping to catch scurvy. WE started JWO the other day and WCD (The World's Cutest Dictator) Suzie started us off by giving orders like nobody's business.

Our 0400-0800 watch went well, and Jess learned how to read the radar. She plotted a ship for a good half hour before she learned that it was just a small sailboat. Eva finally saw a flying fish (and we are not sure what took so long - there have been hundreds upon hundreds. We sighted land offshore, on of the Islands of the Bahamas and the sea state has weakened so that we can sleep nicely! Lunch today was delicious, turkey burgers. And then we made turks head bracelets (Michaela admits that this might not be her craft). On our 1600-1800 watch Eva was our JWO and had a very systematic approach to watch rotation. While she was little stressed out at some points, she was a good leaders and regularly rotated us. Emmma (Xin) and Jess worked on radar. Now that we are in an area with more traffic the radar station has been very busy. At the moment we are eating chicken, rice and peas for dinner. Even though it's only 1830 we will be going to bed shortly as we have the 0000-0400 watch. Goodnight. xoxo A team.

A note from A Watch Officer and Education Director: For those of you following this journey, you may have noticed that the path to Charleston has not been a direct one. We have been facing the most unfavourable winds, coming from precisely the direction we have needed to go, also known as the "No-go zone". Thus our journey has become longer.

We have made it through the NE Providence Passage in the Bahamas and just entered into the Gulf Stream to gain some extra speed in our journey north. The forecast for winds looks as though the wind direction will be in our favour to make our way relatively quickly to Charleston. We still have nearly 360 nm to cover, so our originally scheduled arrival on Easter Sunday is no longer likely as we will be sailing at hopefully around 7- 8kts. At this moment, it seems most likely that we will be arriving in Charleston on Monday, we will continue to keep you all posted as we continue our northern journey. The spirits are incredibly high. As the girls calculated the remaining distance and time required to make it to their destination, they all seemed happy to spend more time aboard. They are nevertheless, excited about their reunions with family and friends.