03/28/13 - Watch C Reports In

Watch C Reports In

Watch C started off yesterday morning with a watch from 8am to 12pm. We had pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Several students were sea sick due to turbulent waters. At the beginning of our watch we got a true wake-up call: a mouthful of salt water. We had to use our harnesses during the day for safety. We worked on designing the flag for C-watch. We drew a poor attempt of Roseway pulling a very accurate portrayal of ten water skiers. (Watch C members). We embellished the design with a purple octopus. Later in the watch Helen and Mina spotted a dolphin!! Our next watch began at 6pm after a dinner of fish with lemon-herb sauce, mashed potatoes, and broccoli, and lasted until 8pm. Mina served as our first JWO (Junior Watch Officer). She helped command the C-watch members through chores. Then we all got a good nights sleep before the next watch from 4am to 8am. We had chocolate-chip cookies for our watch snack.

Lizzie was our second JWO and helped coordinate the chores and organize the C-watch rotation. Many of us learned how to operate the radar and spotted three unknown targets. Fortunately, the closet target was 16.2 nautical miles away. Jennifer finally cleaned a head (toilet). We at last have the opportunity to break out our foulies because it is getting cold and windy.Despite the obstacles we face, we are all in good spirits and enjoying life at sea.