03/27/13 - Watch B Reports In

Watch B Reports In

The weather and seas have changed drastically. The cooler weather has been welcomed yet it brought rough seas and some rain. Steering at the helm has proven to be quite a challenge. Thank goodness the captain is there just in case we get off course. On our 0400 watch we designed our B Watch team flag with Rodney at the bow leading the way. As the day has progressed, the seas have thankfully calmed down. There was a dolphin sighting today playing alongside our boat. After a good nap we awaken to what feels like a never ending roller coaster - up and down, up and down. The waves come crashing over the sides of the boat forcing us to duck out of the way so we don't get completely soaked with the waters of the North Atlantic. The skies have cleared to a beautiful light sky blue with a few puffy, cumulus clouds. We just spotted two that look like Santa's sleigh and an alligator. The wind has shifted a whopping 180 degrees and now it is coming out of the north west. Our foul weather gear is somewhat of a sight, in an attempt to shield us from the elements. Someone...is wearing camouflaged water resistant pants. We challenge you to guess who that may be. The answer will be revealed in the following B Watch edition. After all is said and done, we are all looking forward to another day on the Roseway.