03/27/11 - Roseway Sets Finish for Rolex Regatta

Roseway Sets Finish for Rolex Regatta

While Roseway doesn't exactly have a class to race in for the Rolex Regatta, we still looked pretty classy sitting out in Charlotte Amalie harbor as the finish boat for the first leg of the regatta on Friday. Over 70 boats crossed our finish line and many got right up close and personal as they did so, screaming passed us with their spinnakers flying. It was a site to behold.

We hosted a team of regatta committee members who were officially recording the results and penalties as some of the boats missed their marks (kind of hard to miss us but then there is a lot going on).

We had to get back to our home island of St. Croix so we couldn't stay for the whole weekend of racing, but it was fun to get a close look at the international array of boats as they flew by, hosting teams of over ten on the big boats and as little as two on the small ones.

And to think, this was a work day. No one ever said Roseway life was dull.