03/26/13 - Watch A Reports In

Watch A Reports In

Watch A: Michaela, Suzie, Dr. D, Eva, Jessica, Liz, Xin (Emma), Eden, Ryan and Sarah

This morning we woke up at 0400 and were on watch until 0800. We got to see the moon set and the sun rise! It was amazing to star gaze and "make" stars with a bucket and bioluminescent phytoplankton from the sea. We are all getting super speedy with boat checks and have seen tons of wildlife! Suzie's favorite part was her bucket shower and journalling. Mic's favorite part was celestial navigation with the stars and making up bad jokes. Jess's favorite part was being the "dream team" and making tea with Liz. Xin (also known as Emma) reports her favorite part is maning the helm and bonding with the group. Eva's favorite was the whale sighting, while Liz's was the bioluminescent phytoplankton. And Dr. Davis enjoyed watching us understand and enjoy the stars. We have made up a lot of corny jokes and have been laughing a lot! Michaela made up one that goes: ""what does one sunburn say to another sunburn in Hawaii?" ... "Aloe-ha!"" We have been designing our watch flag and have been adding our personal touches. We have all past the seasickness pretty much (which wasn't too bad to begin with). Also, we have not gotten very sunburned! After our watch and breakfast we slept until lunch. It was taco tuesday and once our bellies were full we slept, read, and wrote in our journals. Now we are on the 1600-1800 dog watch. There is a bit of a rain squall line ahead, we are looking forward to cooling down with wind and some rain, it has been very warm!! Eva just got attacked by a wave on bow watch, we all thought it was very funny, she was grinning from ear to ear. We will eat dinner and our next watch is a harder shift from 0000-0400! A team is ready for anything!

xoxo A-watch