03/25/13 - Watch C Reports In

Watch C Reports In

Watch C: Helen, Jennifer, Mina, Lizzie, Caroline, Jess, Craig, Eric and Kenner

C watch began in the morning with a 0400-0800 watch. The best part was watching the transition from the star covered sky to the setting of the full moon to the rising eastern sun. These setting calmed us while performing the laborious tasks that come with the responsibilities of being a crew member. Additionally, we got the opportunity to observe flying fish, the milky way, and masked boobies flying along side. The constellation Scorpio was culminating at the meridian as well as the shining bright, luminescent star Antares. The pole star was not visible due to the accumulation of cumulus clouds (4/8 of the sky). The early morning watch ended pleasantly with the presence of delicious cinnamon buns (and oatmeal). After breakfast we all took bucket showers on deck. It was a good, clean and refreshing feeling. The most exciting part of the day was being able to shut off the engine due to the favourable winds!!!!!

Watch group C is forming unbreakable bonds of camaraderie while aboard Roseway.