03/25/10 - A Maritime Poet is Born

A Maritime Poet is Born

Thursday on Roseway is Poetry-of-the-Sea day for our island 7th graders participating in the Junior High Maritime Program and the poetry that comes from these kids is pretty amazing!

Nellisa Benjamin (affectionately known as "Bobops") had this to say as she sat on deck gazing off into the blue Caribbean sea:

The Roseway is afloat

And the wind is bashing on the sail

This is a 85 year old boat

I wish to see a whale

Chris and Peter helped me

To climb the big tall mast

I really would rather be sailing

Than to be in English class

The crew are humble and friendly

And my friends love them too

O my, I love the Roseway

And now I'm part of the crew.

Look out world--Bobops is poised to go places and we're mighty proud of her!