03/24/13 - Watch B Reports In

Watch B Reports In

Watch B: Hayden, Bailey, Alexa, Eliza, Charlotte, Erin, Ms. Wilbur, Rodney and Jen

Today was our first day in transit. Two of us were on bow watch during our 0400-0800 night watch, some of us were on the helm. Each hour we did a boat check. We also set up dishes for breakfast. During our watch we got to see many beautiful constellations, the glowing bioluminescence breaking in the waves and we also got to see the sun rise. During our watch we all rotated through the positions.

Today we haven't had much wind so we have had to use the motor as well as our sails. After our watch most of us went to bed. While we were sleeping we were all awoken because someone from A watch had spotted a whale! So we all jumped out of our bunks to see it (splashing its fluke in the water for at least 5 whole minutes). The excitement from the day and all of our hard work has us beat, but we are ready for more and anxious for a good restful sleep. Some of us are adjusting to life at sea at different paces, but we are all looking forward to spotting more marine mammals and the unique experiences of life on a tall ship.