03/22/13 - Welcome Aboard Ashley Hall

Welcome Aboard Ashley Hall

Watch B: Charlotte, Hayden, Bailey, Erin, Eliza, Alexa, Mrs. Wilbur, Jen and Sarah

Yesterday we arrived in St. Croix to beautiful yet hot and humid weather. We walked around the downtown area for a couple hours and some of us were able to pick up some nifty souvenirs. We then took a tour in Fort Christiansted. Later, we boarded the Roseway! We became acquainted with the crew and took a tour of the ship. Charlotte and Eliza’s favorite part of the tour was seeing the main salon, Bailey’s was the fishhold, Alexa’s was the library, Erin’s was getting to see the helm, Mrs. Wilbur’s was the galley, and Hayden’s was the deck. A few things that we are excited about as a group are becoming close with each other and the rest of the girls on the trip, mastering how a tall ship works and being able to steer the ship and be responsible for her, getting to see the completely clear night skies out at sea, and accomplishing such an incredible thing. Last night we did a one hour anchor watch where we did a “continue the story” activity featuring Dog, Clucky, Doug, Robot Unicorn, and a cat that passed away.

This morning we washed the boat and did our chores and then we went for a swim. It was incredible to be in the Caribbean waters; it is a beautiful turquoise color. Later in the day we went on a long snorkeling voyage around Hotel on the Cay. We saw super cool fish, some sea turtles, some massive stingrays, etc. We then stopped on the beach and got to enjoy it for a couple hours. Some of us got a tad burned, but we also got to drink some fresh ice cold water. When we arrived back at the boat we raised the sails for the first time and motored over to Green Cay to anchor for the evening. We then worked on some knots (bowline, figure eight, square knot, etc). We just finished dinner and are planning on going to bed soon. We will do one hour anchor watches again tonight.