03/19/13 - Reporting in from St. Croix

Reporting in from St. Croix

We woke up this morning to a fabulous French toast breakfast and prepared ourselves for a full day of transit. We left Norman island and the caves, tacked up the sir Francis drake channel, and then we sailed clear on a beam reach between ginger and cooper island to st. Croix. While in transit we cycled through watches much longer than we've experienced. On these 2 hour watches we refined our boat checking skills, we bow-watched (I.e. did some whale watching), honed our navigational abilities, and did some Roseway seamanship Olympics. We knocked out three working coils, three flemishes, and three balentines in 4 minutes and 8 seconds. Upon our sunset arrival in st. Croix we shared goals and reflections on the bowsprit. Although we are upset to say goodbye to Roseway and the phenomenal crew, it looks as though St Croix will treat us well.