03/18/13 - Reporting in from Norman Island

Reporting in from Norman Island

Today was one of our favorite days. We expected to wake up and immediately begin our 36 hour transit; however, the captain informed us that sailing with the risk of encountering many squalls was too great. We didn't let the change of plans damper our positive moods. In fact, we were able to participate in many other exciting activities. Our favorites was climbing the shrouds and snorkeling in the coves and reefs of Norman Island. We climbed 60 feet to the top of the mass and were able to get a birds eye view of all of the scenic surroundings. After our rotations of climbing, navigation, and seamanship we were in the clear to set sail to Norman Island. To our surprise the sail there was quite smooth. We ended the day anchored in Norman Island and snorkeled around the coves and reefs while we gazed at the beautiful marine wildlife. Even though today differed from the original plan, it still turned out to be an adventurous, wonderful day.