03/17/13 - Reporting in From Beef Island

Reporting in From Beef Island

Watch C: Tomoko, Sam, Theo, Madison, Craig, Sarah, Jen

Today, we departed from Little Jost Van Dyke. The ocean and our tummies did not agree on our voyage today, many of us spent our morning hanging over the shrouds, not the happiest of campers. We did a series of activities that helped further our understanding and ability to man the boat. We had the opportunity to steer, navigate and spent a good amount of time learning to ease, sweat and manage lines. Although, Theo said his favorite part of the day was cleaning the toilets and doing the dishes the rest of us found that splashing in the waves, exploring rocks, and enjoying the sun in The Baths on Virgin Gorda BVIs was the highlight of today's adventure. We're a little sun soaked and exhausted but are amped and ready for tomorrow's 36 hour transit.