03/15/13 - Welcome Oakwood School

Welcome Oakwood School

Watch B: Tess Knizek, Lesley Coe, Michael Magidson, Steffan Cross

We expected our day to turn out unproductive because we were so jetlagged and grumpy from our extraneous day of travels. In addition, we felt the day would be filled with confusion and frustration because we were so new to the concepts of sailing in general. Fortunately, this was not the turnout. This day completely surpassed our expectations. The excitement and giddiness of being in a new environment completely exceeded any trace of exhaustion we had. The moment we were divided into our watch groups we really felt like we became part of the crew. It was eye opening to realize that we would be living in close quarters with friends and strangers for five days. The day was filled with loads of new knowledge of knot’s, ecology, history of the Roseway, and much more. Thankfully, the food was delicious, so we were not the least bit grumpy! Our day was finished off with the most scenic swim around the boat which was a true Caribbean water experience. Overall, we had an excellent first day!