03/14/14 - Wrapping it Up

Wrapping it Up

Watch C: Nina, Alex, Nadia, Abby, Aaron

Friday was a day full of adventurous, yet windy travel as we set sail from Francis Bay to Rendevous Bay on St John's south side. Following a series of mishaps in picking up the anchor from the seashore bottom near Mary's Point, we successfully got the Roseway out of the clear blue bay it had been staying in for the past two days. We arrived in Rendevous Bay at around 12:30 pm after a delicious vegetarian lunch. For the rest of the afternoon, we studied the various types of sea grass in St. John by snorkeling around some grassy beds around the boat. We saw many kinds of urchins, serpent stars, a barracuda, some turtles and even a southern stingray. Another very entertaining activity that occured was right before dinner. I am talking about the game "Two Truths and a Lie," of course. We found out many things about each other. All in all, we look forward to getting back on land, however we will always miss our time aboard the Roseway and will have learned many things by the end of our trip!